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The banking industry is an ever changing landscape. The deregulation of the market, mergers & acquisitions and ever changing market expectations are throwing up fresh challenges like managing complex technological environment with ever growing necessity for faster and secure software applications. At the same time, risks have increased, and there are regulatory directives to manage operational risks in a far more technology enabled manner than done hitherto. Demands of core competencies and increased efficiencies are seeing the advent of shared services and value chain networks, and financial institutions are increasingly turning to outsourcing their technology and routine business activities. Simultaneously, the exponential increase in connectivity in recent times has brought with it enormous opportunities in terms of formulating and delivering highly optimized and highly customized, tailor made business Solutions.

As Financial Services IT Solutions provider, Automate Infinities has a deep domain expertise the onsite/offshore delivery model to solve critical financial industry problems. We enable our customers to optimize business processes while realizing faster ROI from the existing investments in people and infrastructure. Automate Infinities with its extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the financial services industry develops innovative, result-oriented and cost-effective services. We have a team of functional and technical experts with strong domain background in the business areas with in the financial services industry, custodial services, spanning stock exchanges, mutual funds, foreign exchange, money markets, brokerage firms and portfolio management companies.

Automate Infinities has the expertise in third party products like Magic and other which are insurance specific. Our customers look to us to provide consulting, systems development, and production support and maintenance services. We are comfortable working with Fixed-Bid and Time & Material based projects delivering Development, Business Analysis, QA, Project Management and Consulting Services. Our flexible sourcing model enables us to cater to both onsite centric and integrated onsite – offshore models. We can effectively handle resource ramp-up requests to manage work spikes. From business plan preparation, architecture and BPO consulting to engineering- complex applications and next-generation information technology infrastructure, Automate Infinities has the expertise to provide it all -- by combining its insurance business knowledge with its proven experience in diverse technologies.

Automate Infinities has in-depth expertise in helping equipment vendors integrate existing systems with emerging networks and equipment standards. It also helps them deliver embedded Solutions for a wide variety of real-time platforms; automate the testing of new systems, and offers new components supporting the latest location-based wireless services. Furthermore, TecTiera also works with them to provide system integration Solutions. And, it helps them launch new revenue-rich services while protecting their existing investments. Automate Infinities helps the service provider reengineer their Operation Support System, (OSS) and Billing systems. And, it also helps them achieve revenue assurance objectives, and gain better customer visibility through enhanced CRM and Data warehousing Solutions. And through Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), it ensures an improved control over the business.

Geographic borders and time zones mean little for manufacturing enterprises competing for market share in the global economy. In today's highly competitive manufacturing environment, the ability of manufacturers to retain and increase their market share depends on the ability to contain costs, maintain quality, improve operating efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market. Looking at the current scenario manufacturing industry needs experienced partners who can help them to get the job done right, the first time. Automate Infinities has vast experience in working with various clients engaged in discreet manufacturing and has partnered and serving them in addressing their information technology related needs saving their budgets and providing them reliable information systems. Our capabilities include application development, maintenance and support outsourcing, integration services, factory floor automation, IoT, BigData Analytics and secure supply chain services.

Retailing is undergoing many major transformations today. Retailers are faced with complex inter-related issues such as customer preferences, low operational margins & competition. This compels the retailers to innovate in every set of activity including forecasting, planning, sourcing, logistics and sales channels handling. Retailers today face greater challenges in acquiring new customers, satisfying & retaining customers. Retailers need to run their IT systems more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Major chains are expanding their presence across geographic regions and, in many cases, across national boundaries. Additionally, they are expanding into new markets that extend their brand to new product categories.

Distribution industry is facing challenges in the current market situations as the expectations from the customers are increasing day by day. At Automate Infinities, we have experience in handling the IT systems development and maintenance of large applications for our distribution clients enabling their B2B trading Systems, ERP systems implementation & customization and Data warehousing and Business Intelligence applications. We also have experience in Strategy and Business processes customization and optimization experience with our Distribution clients..

Transportation industry is the only industry which is demanding more attention towards its IT applications as the business requirements along with security requirements and regulations and mandatory compliance requirements imposed by federal authorities. Automate Infinities has domain knowledge and expertise with the transportation vertical, gained through working with leading operators in airlines, roadways and railways. We work with our transportation clients to meet all their needs in IT, business process and IT strategy. Our technology competence, business understanding and our industry partnerships ensures the efficiency, manageability, scalability, security and robustness of our clients' IT systems, meeting all their requirements in today's highly competitive environment.

Globally, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries have been under significant focus due to several world events leading to have governments spend more and more budgets in these industries. Key among them is the increasing role and use of IT in managing life sciences business processes and workflows. Increasing use of IT Solutions in the drug discovery processes and the clinical trial stages by the support provided by software Solutions in the area of electronic data management, e-clinical trials and outsourcing of the IT requirements of R&D.

Automate Infinities is helping government organizations transform to an enterprise infrastructure & software applications based end-to-end digital government. Governments all across the world recognize the need for effective governance, enterprise architecture and citizen directed services. We bring innovation, experience and in-depth industry knowledge to the federal, state and local government agencies around the globe as they strive to connect with their citizens, businesses and local entities. Our Government Solutions are focused on helping government organizations improve service delivery, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs and expand constituent participation in secured environment.

Our onsite-offshore delivery mechanism ensures rapid implementation with world-class quality processes, resulting in substantial cost savings for your company. Enhances performance by customized ERP and Knowledge Management (KM) Solutions. Focuses on core competency by Business Process Outsourcing. In such a globalized and competitive industry, our innovative, robust and integrated Solutions will help companies to enhance shareholder value by addressing a diverse spectrum of issues, including strategy, operations, information technology, e-business, and change management..

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