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With over 500 employees, offices in 9 countries, offshore, software & product engineering Centers and Business Continuity Centers, Automate Infinities is right sized for providing maximum value to its customers for information technology services.

What digital transformation could mean for your business



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How we get you there

Through learning and understanding your business, specific requirements, and end goals, Automate Infinities offers Solutions that are tailored for you.

Our team of business process intelligence experts is committed to delivering results that you can trust. Maximum efficiency, higher quality, greater productivity, and increased compliance- these are our promises to you. View our suite of Solutions, today.

Cognitive Capture

Organizations generate data from a huge number of physical and digital sources. We can help reduce the chaos caused by manual and inefficient processes, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

Business Process Automation

Automating complex, dynamic workflows is a challenging task. But even processes that rely on highly skilled personnel to manage shifting roles and timelines can be enhanced with a dynamic case management system.

Robotic Process Automation

So-called 'RPA' Solutions create and manage software robots to handle repetitive, information-heavy tasks. Switching to RPA Solutions instantly transforms your team from data-gatherers to data-users.

Business Intelligence

Robust, timely intelligence, or 'analytics', is the foundation of all good decision-making, highlighting potential risks for your business. We can empower your team with valuable insights and actionable Solutions.

Our commitment to our customers

We place our customers first by acting as trusted advisers, providing the right skills with the right people, increasing efficiency, and committing to supporting you throughout the entire project.

Skilled Experts

Streamline processes by working with a team of skilled experts who design Solutions based on your specific needs.


We trust our team of passionate professionals to deliver the best Solutions to our customers. Trust your organization with Automate Infinities.

Customer First

We are invested in your success. Automate Infinities's team of project managers has one goal; to put customers first. Discover how we do this, every time.

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